CHEO Telethon

Standing tall thanks to you!

For patients with skeletal conditions, particularly those affecting the spine, pelvis and legs, frequent x-rays are essential for accurate diagnosis and determining treatment plans.

A low-dose 2D/3D x-ray imaging technology called an EOS machine produces high quality images while delivering a lower dose of radiation. Thanks to outstanding community support CHEO now has one. This means patients no longer have to travel to other hospitals to have access to equipment that provides the most accurate and safest medical imaging available.

What is the EOS system?

  • It captures full body x-ray images in a single scan, allowing for more precise evaluation.
  • The 3D model provides a complete picture of the skeleton to help plan complicated, personalized treatments.
  • The EOS system follows the ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) principle enhancing patient safety and decreasing radiation dose.

Your support enabled CHEO to purchase this crucial system not covered by government funding. Together, we are making huge strides in providing leading-edge care for CHEO’s patients.