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The CHEO Telethon is one of our region’s most beloved traditions. This year, the CHEO Telethon takes place from May 27 through June 9 and you can start making a difference right away! With the generosity and support of our community we will raise funds to provide life-saving care, further world-class research and purchase much needed equipment. The CHEO Telethon honours our bravest heroes – both patients and those who care for them – the team working together to overcome challenges like cancer, rare disease and mental illness.


How can I help?

As a proud CHEO supporter, you can encourage your community to follow your lead by showing them that you are a #hero4CHEO too. Remind them that the CHEO Telethon is the perfect time to support CHEO as every donation is matched by one of six generous Miracle Match sponsors that will double their gift and impact.


Using our main hashtags #hero4CHEO and #CHEOtelethon will help to start an online conversation around the CHEO Telethon.

Shares and Retweets

We will be posting CHEO Telethon related content from May 27 – June 9. Please feel free to share and/or re-tweet any of our CHEO Telethon content to your own audiences.


What is a miracle match?

Our generous corporate sponsors are making donation dollars go even further. When you visit and donate to any of our six featured patients your donation is matched by a corporate partner. A Miracle Match is fantastic opportunity to double your impact and double your donation!

Sample social media posts

Here are some sample social media posts that you can use to promote the CHEO Telethon from May 27 – June 9 to your networks. Feel free to use these posts as a starting point or simply copy and paste to share.

PRO TIP: The more visuals you can include with your posts the better. People tend to engage (like, comment, share) with posts that have videos or images.


When you choose to be a #hero4CHEO, one of six generous sponsors will match your gift and double your impact. Don’t miss the #CHEOtelethon #MiracleMatch magic. Consider showing your support for @CHEOhospital now.

Thousands of kids rely on @CHEOhospital every year. Help CHEO continue to provide world-class care for little ones by doubling your #CHEOtelethon donation now thanks to six #MiracleMatch sponsors that are matching every gift.  Please donate today.

If you’ve met Molly Penny you know how special she is to @CHEOhospital. Donors make sure that she’s there to clown around and help kids feel like kids. #CHEOtelethon is the perfect time to help CHEO keep spreading smiles. Donate now.

Last year over 75,000 kids visited @CHEOhopsital’s Emergency Department.  #DYK it’s the busiest pediatric ER in Ontario? Let’s ensure their doors are always open. Support life-saving care during the CHEO Telethon and please donate. Every gift makes a big difference.


There’s magic in the air! When you make a #CHEOtelethon donation, your gift will be doubled thanks to generous sponsors. The @CHEOkids Telethon is in full swing and you don’t want to miss the #MiracleMatch magic. Visit to meet six inspiring families from our community as they open their hearts, share their stories and raise awareness for CHEO. Please be a #hero4CHEO and donate.

Thousands of kids rely on @CHEOkids every year. Choosing to donate during the CHEO Telethon helps CHEO provide world-class care for little ones who rely on our children’s hospital. And there’s never been a better time to donate with six generous sponsors matching every gift and doubling your impact. Can you say #MiracleMatch? Consider showing your support today:  #hero4CHEO

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting Molly Penny, you know how special she is to @CHEOkids. Donors are the reason that she’s there to clown around and help our kids feel like kids. CHEO Telethon is the perfect time to help CHEO keep spreading smiles. Please be a #hero4CHEO show your support and donate today.

Last year @CHEOhospital saw over 75,000 kids in the Emergency Department. That’s the busiest pediatric ER in Ontario. We can make sure their doors are always open for kids when they need help. Support life-saving and innovative care this CHEO Telethon. Every gift makes a difference, please donate: #hero4CHEO


Don’t miss the #MiracleMatch magic! When you choose to donate during the #CHEOtelethon,  generous sponsors will double your impact and match your gift! Meet six inspiring families from our community as they open their hearts, share their stories and raise awareness for @CHEOhospital.  #hero4CHEO

There are thousands of kids who rely on @CHEOhospital every year. You can help CHEO provide life-saving care and fuel world-class research. Sponsors are making your dollars go even further by matching every donation. Double your impact and support the #CHEOtelethon today. #hero4CHEO

Community support is the reason that #hero4CHEO Molly Penny can keep clowning around, bringing joy to @CHEOhospital and helping kids feel like kids. #CHEOtelethon is your chance to help CHEO continue spreading smiles and laughter. Please consider showing your support today.

#DYK? @CHEOhospital’s Emergency Department is the busiest pediatric ER in Ontario and works tirelessly to help little ones in our community. You can support the life-saving care that CHEO provides, fund ground-breaking research and make a difference by being a #hero4CHEO and donating during this year’s #CHEOtelethon.



  • Change your social media headers to promote the CHEO Telethon.
  • Start a personal fundraising page here and encourage family and friends to get involved by donating.


CHEO by the numbers

Here are some interesting facts and figures that help to illustrate how vitally important CHEO is to our community!

  • Each year CHEO diagnosis 75 children with cancer. That’s more than one per week.
  • 6,638 admissions to CHEO.
  • Almost 30,000 art supplies are used annually by the kids at CHEO to help them pass the time during their stay.
  • 75,961 Emergency Department visits.
  • 144,863 babies screened by Newborn Screening Ontario.
  • CHEO is the only hospital in Canada to have a “Kid Clown School.” Laughter and play help kids get better faster and feel like kids despite what they’re going through.
  • 175,421 Ambulatory Clinic visits.
  • More than 101,000 Band-Aids were used at CHEO to take away the ‘ouch’.
  • 7,725 Total number of surgeries.
  • Last year 46,850 patients had to say “ahh” — that’s 46,850 tongue depressors used at CHEO!

If you have any questions about this 2019 CHEO Telethon Social Media Toolkit please contact Sylveena Felicien at


Download these files to give the #CHEOtelethon a temporary home on your social media channels and show the world that you’re a #hero4CHEO.

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